Reasons for a New Roof Near Me


Roof replacement is a major home repair and accordingly expensive. Knowing that, you’re likely hoping you don’t need a new roof on your Barrington IL home. That’s entirely understandable. But it’s also true that overlooking or neglecting the need for a new roof can end up costing you more money in the long run than just that new roof price. When your roof deteriorates, it can expose the entire structure of the house and all the possessions inside to water damage, mold, and other problems. Here, then, are some signs that it might be time for new roof installation, some of them pretty obvious, some more subtle or even matters of discretion.


It’s possible that your old roof is structurally sound, but you still want a new roof to add to the curb appeal of the house and increase its retail. Naturally, this is especially likely to be the case if you’re contemplating putting the property on the market. In addition to that enhanced appearance, a new roof can appeal to potential homebuyers by giving them confidence that they shouldn’t have to deal with any roof repair problems for quite a while.

If you’re undertaking a major remodeling project, that may automatically require that you reroof. If you’re adding dormers, skylights, or other features that change the roofline, then the old roof isn’t going to fit anymore. Even if you don’t have to replace the roof, you may feel that a new roof will complement the other new features better.

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If you have torn, broken, or missing shingles, it may well be time for roof replacement. The same is true if shingles are cupped, clawed (humping up), or curled at the edges, or if they’ve “gone bald” (lost much of their granule coating.)

If the roof has numerous leaks, it may have reached the end of its useful life. You can check your attic for signs of leaks by looking for boards with dark spots, sagging boards, or daylight coming in.

Such growth can mean the old roof is pretty thoroughly compromised and an eyesore to boot.

Rotten sheathing is another good indicator that it’s time for roof replacement.

From the above, you might assume the need for a new roof invariably results from the deterioration that comes with age. That is indeed often the case. Asphalt roof shingles typically last 20 to 30 years. A metal roof can last 40 to 70 years. (A tip with regard to age: If you aren’t sure how old your roof is and your neighbors are getting new roofs, it’s not a bad idea to have your roof inspected. There’s a fair chance all the homes in the neighborhood were built at around the same time, and thus your roof is the same age as the others.)

But the wear and tear of old age isn’t always to blame. There are other circumstances that can produce the need (or the desire) for roof replacement.

Storms can damage the roof of your Barrington IL home in all sorts of ways. The wind can tear roof shingles away, hurl heavy debris like tree branches at a roof, or even drop entire trees on top of it. Hail has been known to punch holes in roof shingles, break skylights, damage vents, and crack sheathing. In short, storms can do extensive damage, sometimes extensive enough to make a new roof advisable. An inspection in the wake of a bad storm can ascertain just what sort of shape the roof is in.

Sometimes a roof suffers significant damage, perhaps from storms, ice dams, molds, or moss, but over the short term, roof repair seems to fix the problem. Unfortunately, though, such damage can still significantly shorten the life of asphalt roof shingles (which are otherwise expected to last 15 to 25 years.)